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About DBIR (eng)

The Dutch Breast Implants Registry (DBIR) is an initiative of the Netherlands Society for Plastic Surgery (NVPC) to start auditing of breast implant quality and complications, to enable benchmarking between hospitals/surgeons and to develop a track-and-trace system with the implants and patients. A unique strength of this registry is its opt-out set-up. This implies that all patients are registered unless patients explicitly state the wish to be excluded. Since 2016 registry of all sorts of implants has been made compulsory by the Dutch Health Inspectorate. Over 95% of all implants are implanted by registered Plastic Surgeons and finally, the funding was achieved by the grant of 130.000 euros from the foundation “Stichting Kwaliteitsgelden Medisch Specialisten” a non-governmental organisation. Maintenance of the registry comes from 25 euros fee per implant placed.

The dataset is shareware and based on the dataset constructed by the International Collaboration of Breast Registry Activities (ICOBRA), using standardized and epidemiologically sound data that reflect global best practice.

The DBIR project was initiated in June 2014. A pilot study was conducted between September 2014 to October 2014 in a limited number of clinics and hospitals. In April 2015 the DBIR registry went ‘live’. Since then thousands of implants have been registered. The first three years will consist of improvement and validation of the registry. After three years, quality assessment will start.

Case Report Forms (CRF) are available: implantation only; explantation only; replacement. The datadictionaries can be downloaded. In case of any questions, please click here for contact details.